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Innovative product development

Product design is the key of the success.  KJI owns its strong in-house design based in Hong Kong that always inspires a creative mindset for innovative product development, generates and turns new ideas to benefit to human and enhance their lifestyle.

Core Technology

KJI has strong and experienced R&D team that strive to develop innovative and new technology to be applied on its products as core competence.  The certified in-house laboratory also provides a platform to cater for different kinds of testing verifications. Its strong knowhow is also one of the key success to meet the diversified requirements specified by different kinds of customers.

Vertical integration

Supporting by the comprehensive facilities in the factory, KJI provides a one-stop production service including tooling fabrication, stamping, motors, plastic injection, painting and assembly.  KJI aims to produce with high quality products, and ensure the reliable quality by various testing and quality control programs. 

Comprehensive Marketing solutions

KJI has strong insight to capture the market trend, and strategic marketing thinking also make success of its own product in the right market positions.  Its competitive advantage allows a constantly innovative ideas creation on customer focus, and provides diversified solutions and tools to cater various needs.

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